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Modified: Nov. 26, 2003 [Japanese Page]

About My Pages

Few years ago, I found Wietse Venema's Postfix MTA and I became very happy because I could throw away the complicated

I would have liked many people to use the Postfix software, but there is a big barrier for Japanese people, that is English. So I have created my Japanese Postfix pages and have translated Postfix documents into Japanese. While doing so, I have got much information related to Postfix. Some of them may be useful for non-Japanese readers, then I decided to open them in this page.


Document Last Modified Description
Postfix virus scan with AMaViS and Sophos Anti-Virus 19 May, 2002 installation record of Postfix with AMaViS/SAV
Postfix - AMaViS - Sweep HOWTO 25 Oct., 2002 Postfix with AMaViS and Sweep on RH7.3. Contributed by Shannon Lekas.
Postfix Q & A 4 Sep., 2004 I made the original Q & A, mainly based on information from Postfix-jp Mailing List.
Anti-spam on Postfix 26 Nov., 2003 How to prevent from illegal use of mail server and how to deny illegally relayed mails.
Postfix Antispam Measures 20 Jan., 2003 Antispam on RH7.3. Contributed by Shannon Lekas.